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01 Adiuvo launches its first quarterly newsletter eConnect. Download it here.

02 Adiuvo taps into the mobile revolution for organizational performance. Our Learning Experts can create interactive mLearning for your IPad, IPhone and other mobile devices using the Adiuvo mLearning Model. Visit our Adiuvo Professional Services page for more information.

03 Adiuvo Group has donated to Oxfam Canda to help out these unfortunate people in the Philippines, 100% of monies will be put forward to help out the victims of this terrible disaster.

04 Adiuvo Group has donated to PAWS, an animal welfare society for animals in need.

05 Adiuvo Group supports Earth Rangers Programs:
These programs educate and inspire children to make sustainable life choices, building a better future for us all.

06 Adiuvo Group is now on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn.

07 Adiuvo Group introduces Loyalty Program:
Adiuvo Group Client Loyalty Program Earn points toward valuable discounts on future placements.


Charity For LIfe


Todd H. (Manager)
Toronto, ON
"My experience in working with the Adiuvo Group was very positive where I found them to be exceptionally responsive as well as accommodating to my needs and schedule. Their assessment of my requirements was timely, effective, efficient, and ultimately successful. I enjoyed working with them and appreciated their professional and personal approach."

Ed G. (Director IT)
Toronto, ON
"Our client supports a multi-Billion dollar industry in Canada. We provide the broadcasters and advertisers with ratings data for the radio and TV industry, and as such I.T. is an integral component of this operation. We require the “right” people for the job. This encompasses not only outstanding, leading edge technical abilities, but also the ability to relate to a constantly changing industry and work environment. Adiuvo ensures that they understand these requirements as it relates to every applicant, ensuring all candidates presented are not only technically capable but would be a good “fit” at our client site. This is truly a partnership that has greatly increased our levels of staff competency and benefited not only the I.T. department but, our client as a whole."

Val S. (Director of IT)
Dallas, Texas

“In this age where corporations focus solely on financial hyper-performance at any cost, and routinely engage in cynically contrived public posturing as “companies who care” (but really don’t), it is truly refreshing to come across a company like Adiuvo group who really and truly are in business to help people.  They have made the philosophical choice to help others with the understanding that somewhere along the line, they will in turn be helped.  This is wisdom.  Because in the final analysis, long-term enduring success does not come from greed, nor from tricking people, nor from squeezing every last dollar from every relationship, nor every transaction.  True lasting success comes from providing real value. They have learned the lesson that if you can be of service to people, then you will grow and your name will pass among your clients with reverence and respect and you will find many more opportunities to help other people.
They put the right talented people together with companies who need them. They are helping companies to be successful, and helping people to grow their careers. It is a complex thing to get the exact right fit.  It’s more than matching a list of acronyms.  It’s all about people, and it’s about serving their needs to the best of your ability.”